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Is your bike constantly blowing fuses? or everytime you hit a speed bump your lights turns on and off? or are you having starting problems? or your charging system not charging your battery or you have a known good battery but your charging system is on vacation? or you simply want to add some LED’s or HID lighting? How about with the modern fuel injected motorcycles today, a lot of sensors and a lot more wiring can sometimes create problems and better yet, a lot of people will get a hold of a service manual and try to troubleshoot problem on their own and that’s fine too.

We love electrical problems, which most techs are afraid of, and/or just because they’ll never get paid long enough to find and correct the problem. We are here to help, we literally almost have all of the special wiring harness adapters, ignition tools and most important of all knowledge and skills to use them.
The pictures above are from Honda GL1500 and yes it is customers homemade wiring and he was having problems with his tail lights, since he wired about 2 dozens of LED lights around the trunks, we removed all of his homemade wiring and rewired his LED lights in correct and much safer may. We don’t believe in using band aids on problems like those. It will either be corrected 100% or we will not touch it at all.
We only stock and use OEM connectors and pins or connectors and pins that are after market Japanese products. We do not use local tool store connectors and pins.

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