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Suspension Service

When you arrive your bike will receive a full suspension sweep to establish your bikes current set-up. We will inspect the bikes geometry and adjust SAG / pre load, rebound damping and compression damping to the front forks and rear shock, (Where adjustable suspension allows) taking into account any symptoms or problems you may be experiencing.

If you don’t have adjustable suspension, don’t worry! We can offer friendly advice and solutions to help resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

Upon receiving a full suspension set-up your motorcycle will be better balanced with the optimised geometry, rebound and compression settings to suit your weight and riding style.

Establishing the correct set up will:
Promote better corner entry and stability
Improve mid corner handling and feeling of control
Improve traction and rider feedback
Improve rider confidence as the bike feels more planted
Eliminate wallowing or understeer issues when accelerating out of a corner
Improve tyre wear and performance.
Remove feelings of harsh or mushy suspension

“This will be the best $89.18 (sales tax included) you have ever spent”

A properly set up bike is a much safer bike to
suspension Set up

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