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Unfortunately we don’t live in a perfect world. Soon or later one of us or someone we know will crash or involve in an accident or get their motorcycle stolen. We absolutely don’t wish anything like that to happen to anybody but it is a fact that it will. Today the accident repairs are a huge chunk of motorcycle dealers income. How? It is very simple. A crashed motorcycle gets towed to the nearest so called authorized repair facility (that would be the place that insurance company gets good discount on parts and labor and not necessarily good and proper service) and adjuster completes his inspection and decides if its worth fixing or dumping.

If the bike gets repaired make sure to get involved with every step of the recovery, ask question about the process, what parts are being replaced with what (factory or cheap aftermarket ) or what parts are getting painted and no dealership in Florida has their own body shop, everything gets sent out and guess what? It is the body shop who does the job cheapest. Why? So the service department can make more profit by charging the insurance company more. You need to be very firm and persistent with the adjusters.
You Have Options After An Accident
It is entirely up to you to where you will take your bike to get repairs completed
Insurance or no insurance, we can do the job for you, we can do it right.
If your insurance is covering all of your repairs, we can deal with insurance company for you.

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